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Welcome to WOOWOO ART HOUSE, the global creative community platform that's designed to serve, empower and elevate creatives worldwide! We established our platform with the sole purpose of providing a comprehensive space for artists and creatives to connect, collaborate and access resources that will take their craft to the next level.


It offers a range of services, including a directory to find and connect with artists, a market that supplies stores for art & craft supplies,  handmade items, and digital products, a lifestyle store, and creative events for attending and experiencing.


Additionally, the platform features a creative wall, where members can post and admire artworks, appreciate and connect with other members, and engage in discussions on a forum, blogs, and groups.

One of the highlights of the WOOWOO ART HOUSE community is its Academy, which offers creatively curated programs for artists seeking to improve their skills and techniques. The platform also provides a wealth of resources, such as artists-friendly calculators and tools, and services such as space booking and classes.


Overall, the WOOWOO ART HOUSE community provides a comprehensive platform for artists to showcase their work, connect with other creatives, and access resources and services to help them grow and develop their craft.

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