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Brother On Way


"Explore the heart and soul behind every product at Brother On Way NGO's store. 🌟 Specializing in handcrafted items tailored for the underprivileged, widows, and differently-abled individuals, our initiative aims to empower marginalized communities through skill development and sustainable livelihood opportunities. 💪

Each meticulously crafted product is a testament to the resilience and creativity of our artisans. From stunning candle stands to multi-purpose intervention kits for children's education, every item reflects quality craftsmanship and compassion. 🕯️📚

With a generous profit margin of 70% dedicated to our artisans and their families, your purchase directly contributes to their empowerment and livelihood. By choosing our products, you not only bring beauty and functionality into your life but also support a noble cause. 🤝

Experience the joy of giving back while indulging in unique designs and quality craftsmanship. Shop with purpose at Brother On Way NGO's store and join us on our journey towards creating a brighter future for all. 🛍️✨"

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Brother on way

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Prefer Not to Say

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English, Hindi





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1:1 Sessions

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Within 15 days

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40% Advance

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UPI/QR, Cash, Bank transfer

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