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Community Guidelines

Welcome to our art community! To ensure that our community remains a safe and supportive space, we've put together some guidelines that we kindly ask you to follow.

Maintain respectful discussions on art, no spam and protect privacy.

Be respectful

We value diversity and encourage respectful and constructive conversations. Please refrain from using hate speech, discriminatory language or engaging in personal attacks.

Keep it on topic

We're here to discuss all things art-related, so please keep your posts and comments relevant to the topic at hand. Off-topic posts and spam will be removed.

Protect privacy

Respect the privacy of others and do not share personal information or images without their consent.

Report any issues

If you come across any behavior that violates our guidelines or makes you feel uncomfortable, please report it to our team.

By following these guidelines, you'll help us create a community that fosters creativity, positivity, and respect. Thank you for being a part of Woo Woo Art House family!

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