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Class Terms

WOOWOO ART HOUSE Student Policy, Terms & Conditions

*Effective Date: 21-09-2023

Welcome to WOOWOO ART HOUSE! We are delighted to have you as a student in our classes. This document outlines the terms and conditions that govern your participation in classes at WOOWOO ART HOUSE. Please read this policy carefully and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

**1. Overview**

WOOWOO ART HOUSE ("WOOWOO ART HOUSE") is dedicated to providing a platform for creative education and fitness. As a student, you play a vital role in our vibrant artistic and wellness community.

**2. Registration and Enrollment**

2.1. **Registration**: To enroll in our classes, you must complete the registration process, providing accurate and up-to-date information.

2.2. **Age Requirement**: Some classes may have age requirements or restrictions. Please ensure you meet these requirements before registering.

**3. Class Selection and Fees**

3.1. **Services Offered**: WOOWOO ART HOUSE offers a range of services, including Art classes (painting & sketching) and Fitness classes (Yoga & Zumba). Each service has specific fees.

3.2. **Batches**: Classes are available on weekends and weekdays. You can select the batch that suits your schedule during the registration process.

**4. Subscription and Payment**

4.1. **Advance Payment**: Class fees must be paid in advance for the upcoming month's subscription.

4.2. **Non-Transferable and Non-Convertible**: Subscription fees are non-transferable and non-convertible to other services or offerings.

4.3. **Renewal**: Subscriptions will not be renewed automatically. Students are responsible for renewing their subscriptions as needed.

**5. Cancellation and Refund Policy**

5.1. **Cancellation**: You can cancel your subscription at any time. Please note that fees are non-refundable, and no refunds will be provided for any remaining subscription period.

**6. Class Notifications**

6.1. **Class Cancellation**: In the event that a class is canceled, we will notify you through the contact information you provided during registration.

**7. Code of Conduct**

7.1. **Respect**: Treat Tutors and fellow students with respect and kindness.

7.2. **Punctuality**: Be punctual and prepared for all scheduled classes.

7.3. **Participation**: Actively engage in class activities and discussions as appropriate.

7.4. **Feedback**: Provide constructive feedback to help us improve our classes and services.

**8. Media Consent**

8.1. **Image/Video Use**: By default, WOOWOO ART HOUSE may use images and videos of students for promotional purposes. These may be shared on our website, social media, or marketing materials. If you do not wish to have your image or video used for these purposes, please notify us in writing.

**9. Termination of Enrollment**

WOOWOO ART HOUSE reserves the right to terminate a student's enrollment at any time for violations of these terms and conditions or for any other valid reason.

**10. Changes to Terms**

WOOWOO ART HOUSE may update these terms and conditions at any time, and students will be notified of any changes.

**11. Contact Information**

For inquiries, concerns, or clarifications regarding these terms and conditions, please contact WOOWOO ART HOUSE at:

- Email:
- Phone: +91-8073988123

By participating in classes at WOOWOO ART HOUSE, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions. We look forward to providing you with an enriching and creative learning experience in the arts and fitness.


Feel free to use this draft as the official terms and conditions for your students at WOOWOO ART HOUSE. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.

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